"The opportunity to cultivate a positive, inventive, exploratory mindset begins at a very young age—and is often missed. Yet it can be vital to success in school and ultimately to creating the most fulfilling and flourishing life. Reflective questions and journaling can be valuable learning tools in this journey. The Successful Kid is a remarkable new book that provides these tools in a way that no other program does."

Robert Cooper, Ph.D., Neuroscientist, high-performance business strategist and New York Times bestselling author.


“ The Successful Kid is a great way to introduce your child to the art of journal writing.”

Robin Sharma, founder of The Titan Summit and No.1 bestselling Author of “The Leader Who Had No Title”


“ This simple, effective, easy to read toolkit is a perfect introduction for young readers to the why and how of achieving goals. Creative and fun, you’ll find yourself filling out the pages no matter your age, like I did.”

Patti Dobrowolski, CEO – Up Your Creative Genius, Author of “Drawing Solutions: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life”


“ Here is a great new strategy to teach (and do!) with your kids, helping them to develop a mindful skill to set goals and reach them.”

Mark R. Waldman, Executive MBA Faculty, Loyola Marymount University, Author of “Words Can Change Your Brain”


“ The Successful Kid is a great way to teach your children the power of writing down goals.”

Stephen Woessner, Host of The Onward Nation Podcast, CEO of Predictive ROI


“ Give your child a copy of The Successful Kid and watch them discover their talents.”

Robby Fender, Founder, CEO of Yoli, LLC


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